Connecting Your Wallet

How to connect safely!

RSK Wallets

The wise people at Sovryn have with great care made a guide for all RSK wallets. Therefore we recommend to have a look here or for MetaMask, have a look below.

Crosschain Wallets

As BabelFish is multichain and ever expending, it could be very useful to have a wallet which you only need to choose once. The MetaMask wallet is strongly recommended for its ease of use and clarity across many chains, including our used networks RSK, BSC and ETH.


Follow the steps below:
1. Go to the MetaMask website and download the latest version of the MetaMask Wallet extension.
2. Install and have the MetaMask extension active in your browser.
3. Open MetaMask and register on it. (Do not forget to save your recovery phrase in a safe way!)
4. Click the circle in the upper right of the wallet → Settings → Networks → click the Add Network button and enter the following RSK Network settings.
  • Network Name: RSK Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 30
  • Currency Symbol: RBTC
  • Block Explorer URL:
5. Hit Save and make sure you are switched to the RSK Mainnet.
6. Go to and click on Enter dApp.
7. Click the Engage Wallet button on the top right, chose the Browser Wallet options and chose MetaMask.
8. Engage your wallet.
Tip: You will only need to engage your wallet once in this lengthy way. The following engages will happen either automatically or via a single click on the “Engage Wallet” button.

Advanced gas controls in MetaMask

Even though MetaMask is very efficient in providing the proper gas settings, situations may arise where it falls short or you want to have a better setting due to personal preference. If you want to use MetaMask to its full capacity and pay almost no gas fees in the process, you would need to activate the advanced gas controls in your MetaMask wallet.
1. Click the circle in the upper right of the wallet and go to Settings.
2. Go to Advanced and activate Advanced gas controls.
With this option active, you will be able to set up a custom gas fee when you are making a transaction from your MetaMask wallet.
Thanks to the fast BTC or RBTC (Rootstock, not Ren) you are able to set your gas fees to a negligible 0.06 GWEI (0.00000000006 RBTC) and enjoy a fast transfer of your tokens.

What are the fees and recommended settings on RSK Network?

While 0.06 GWEI is the standard gas price, as RSK gets more transaction volume the price changes to accommodate the market rate. Since the gas limit of a transaction varies depending on the complexity of the transaction being sent, the total gas paid per transaction also varies.
The total gas fee of a transaction is composed of the gas price (which for RSK is 0.06 GWEI per gas unit) and the amount of gas units that the transaction spends.
A simple transfer transaction takes 21.000 gas units. The gas fee of such transaction on RSK is: 0.06 GWEI x 21,000 = 1,260 GWEIs = 126 satoshis ~ $0.06.
In the case of a complex contract, like the opening of a margin position or initiating the vesting contract, the amount of gas units can vary from 1,600,000 up to more than 2,100,000 gas units. The gas fee for this transaction would be 0.06 GWEI x 2,100,000 = 126,000 GWEIs = 12,600 satoshis ~ $6.

Configuring the Binance Smart Chain Network

This will allow you to bridge BSC to and from the RSK mainnet.
  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: