The Team & The Dao

Who is behind BabelFish is explained here.


BabelFish is a protocol designed to grow, expand and adapt. This evolution will be directed by the process of Futarchy, the on chain governance by token holders.
Futarchy provides incentives to coordinate and encourage a diverse set of stakeholders. It is designed to foster collaboration with a long-term focus on the future and mission of the protocol. These stakeholders include early users, new users, funders, builders, content creators, and many others who have made contributions to the BabelFish protocol.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

DAOs operate by a set of rules agreed by its members to organize, govern and collaborate on a protocol through a distributed democratic process.
Effectively, any user with FISH governance tokens can come forward with an idea for the improvement of the protocol. However, they can't execute this alone, and need consensus from the DAO. To get consensus, a draft detailing the improvement proposal is posted on the forum to create a public discussion, after receiving enough feedback the proposal can be adjusted and formally submitted to be moved to the voting stage. Here, any holder of the governance token can cast their vote, weighed by the amount that person holds. When the quorum is reached, the vote has passed and the DAO must implement the proposed change to the protocol.

Teams / Schools of Fish

BabelFish has many people working on a variety of disciplines to improve BabelFish. To keep BabelFish organized, it is necessary to have schools of fish (teams) and roles within them. Teams are groups of people working in specific verticals towards a common goal. Each team is managed by one Dolphin, responsible for tracking all their efforts. Every two weeks the active teams will present their progress at the community call.
Humans are free to come and go, contribute a little or a lot, or simply hop in for casual support. Schools help connect community members, focus discussions, and get things done. See below for a further breakdown of the teams and responsibilities.
Development 💻
  • Protocol development and maintenance
  • System architecture
  • System security
  • Technical Content
  • Team coordination and overarching vision
  • Ecosystem analytics and tracking
  • Organization and culture
  • Recruiting, cultivating talent
  • Community engagement
  • User troubleshooting
  • Insuring transparency
  • Community education
  • Information and communication
  • Adoption metrics tracking
  • UI and UX
  • Whitepapers and explainers
  • Content (audio-visual and long-form storytelling)
  • Art, design and memes
  • Social Media
  • Branding (General Dolphin Assembly)
  • External collaborations
  • Legal and contractual

Member Rankings

Each school of fish (team) can consist of many participants, and is managed by a dolphin (🐬).A human can be in more than one school, and have different roles in each. Roles define expertise, authority and accountability. Role rewards are capped accordingly per school. Humans only get rewarded their highest rank per month. The roles are as follows, in descending order:
Shark 🦈 15+ hours per week Contribute across a number of working groups. Leads the delivery of a number of tasks and projects.
Puffer Fish 🐡 10-14 hours per week Takes ownership and leads the delivery of a specific tasks within a working group.
Tropical Fish 🐠 6-9 hours per week Offers support of specific tasks for a working group.
Fish 🐟 0-5 hours per week Helps promote BabelFish on social media. Designs content to contribute in an area of expertise.
Space Invader 👾 One-off task-based operations.

Hiring and Recruitment

Do you think you have got the skills and knowledge to provide a positive force to the BabelFish protocol? Building BabelFish takes a multitude of contributors collaborating on the same direction and we never have enough people! If you would like to help with something, get involved! We want you to be part of this. Click here to fill in the quick form or simply come to Telegram or Discord and introduce yourself. We are eager to meet you.
The DAO at work